Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy

Do you wake up every morning and see your favorite fish tank and shout with shock “Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy?” Well, if you are one such person who is all the time bothered by your cloudy fish tank even after you keep on cleaning it frequently then you have arrived at just the right place. In fact, it’s not only you; there are many other fish lovers and aquarists who start their morning with the words “why is my fish tank cloudy?”

So, what probably can be the reason behind your cloudy fish tank? The answer to this question can be many. The solution is however not that easy. It all depends on the times that when does your fish tank water turns cloudy and what color does the water turn into are the important points of consideration here.

Basic Causes

As already said, one cause cannot be held responsible for a cloudy fish tank. Some of the basic causes of a cloudy fish tank are zeroed in this section. Read ahead to find out!

Why Is My Fish Tank CloudyUnclean Gravel

The residue from the gravel of the fish tank floor can be one reason for your fish tank water going all hazy and you mumbling in despair “why is my fish tank cloudy?” If you see properly then you will notice that the water of your fish tank starts looking cloudy just after two to three hours after you fill the tank with water. If you are filling in pure and clean water then the most obvious reason for the water to turn hazy is the unclean and soiled gravel that rests at the bottom of the fish tank. If you want to get rid of this irritating issue then simply drain your fish tank and then rinse the gravel till the time you see the water running perfectly clean and pure. Never use soap in this task as if you do so then your fishes will have a high risk of falling sick.

Dissolved Constituents and Nutrients

Many a times it so happens that even after cleaning the gravel very skillfully, you still find your fish tank water not appearing transparent and clear. The second possible reason for your unclean fish tank can be dissolved constituents and nutrients. High levels of impure ingredients in the water turn the fish tank gloomy. The constituents can range from phosphates, heavy duty metals, silicates and so on. If you manage to check the water at this time then you will find out that the Ph levels are excessively high in alkaline content. To resolve this issue it is suggested that you take the assistance of good quality conditioners. Another option is the use of Reverse Osmosis Water. You can easily avail this at your local fish store or pet shop.

Blossomed Bacteria

If you are lucky enough then you will face the problem of a cloudy fish tank after several weeks and sometimes even after months. If this is the case then blossomed bacteria is the culprit here. However, the best part about this problem is that with the passage of time the bacteria forms colonies and then the problem gets solved all by itself. Decaying aquatic plants and uneaten fish food are the most common causes of bacterial bloom. This causes cloudy waters in the fish tank. To solve this matter the simplest thing that you can do is eliminate all the decaying plants and the uneaten fish food matter. In this way, the bacteria will vanish away naturally.

Unfriendly Aquarium Ornaments

The next time you shout out the question, “Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy?” ponder over the fact that what kinds of aquarium ornaments you have decorated your fish tank with. If your aquarium ornaments are not aquarium friendly then it is likely that your fish tank water will start having a milky appearance. On the other hand, if you have a brand new fish tank and still you are stunned at seeing the hazy waters then the reason behind this is that your aquarium ornament is having a negative reaction with the water. So, if you love your fishes then get rid of the cloudy fish tank water as soon as possible.